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Cat Café

CAT Café is the multidisciplinary performance hub of Cat Sparks Art!, Inc. and PLEASANT Institute.

The arts stage is open for presentations of:

  • music
  • poetry
  • spoken word
  • oration
  • book events
  • gallery showings
  • film screenings
  • movement
  • talks
  • community meetings
  • general dialogue
  • lectures & discussions

The setting is an artfully lit café style lounge (within an art enhanced studio) which seats around 40 people comfortably. Stage lights and basic sound are available, but participants are urged to provide their own specialized enhancements if needed, e.g., microphones, mic. stands, music stands, amplifiers, drum kits, and etc. Congas and assorted percussion instruments, however, are available for a nominal rental fee.

The focus at Cat Café is creative vision which inspires a transformed world. It is a vision, and a touch, which advocates for art as an invaluable (yet daily) community resource.

“Artists do not wait for options, they create them.” —David Pleasant

“When people are in the art-making process together, we open to compassion and empathy for each other.”

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