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PLEASANT Institute is a multidisciplinary arts resource which appreciates the best of Indigenous and contemporary community based culture. Through combinations of music, history, visual culture, social critique, movement, and more, the Institute supports Arts, Health and Society as crucial life enhancements. It is our belief that history, culture, literacy and the arts are vital nutrients for a healthy community. They must be actively sustained as normal daily-life practices—and advocated for as basic quality of life entitlements.

The PLEASANT Institute provides classes, workshops and public presentations in the following:

  • music
  • poetry
  • spoken word
  • oration
  • book events
  • gallery showings
  • film screenings
  • movement
  • talks
  • community meetings
  • general dialogue
  • lectures & discussions

The Institute’s programs are arranged in an ever-unfolding array of historically grounded community arts practices.

The PLEASANT Institute, in collaboration with Cat Sparks Art, Inc., is located in the Cat Sparks Art! multipurpose arts space serving the community of Barrio Logan and beyond:

Mercado del Barrio

1109 Cesar Chavez Pkwy.
San Diego CA 92113

PLEASANT Institute is a subsidiary of David Pleasant’s Riddimathon!, Inc.


“When people are in the art-making process together, we open to compassion and empathy for each other.”

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